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All actions that have been set up on a paired iPhone will be available on Apple Watch and can be accessed from the Home Assistant watch app or by tapping a complication.

Actions that are fired from Apple Watch will be delivered to the Home Assistant Event Bus in the same way as actions triggered on iPhone with the ios.action_fired event, however the payload of the event will differ slightly to clarify the source of the event. Actions triggered by Apple Watch will have the triggerSource key set to watch.

An example ios.action_fired payload for an event triggered on Apple Watch is:

"event_type": "ios.action_fired",
"data": {
"sourceDeviceID": "my_iphone",
"actionID": "09CEA437-4585-4A97-B946-79D2C8B3145A",
"sourceDevicePermanentID": "BCEE1730-E6BE-453B-B9E5-9601FA182C64",
"actionName": "MyActionName",
"triggerSource": "watch",
"sourceDeviceName": "My iPhone"
"origin": "REMOTE",
"time_fired": "2020-06-13T14:40:43.009700+00:00",
"context": {
"id": "d2f58b921b2f41809af9fce444416aab",
"parent_id": null,
"user_id": "3831508509fe4124abaf1d144c2e8ca4"