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Android Power Menu

The Android Android app will automatically integrate with the Android 11 power menu controls feature on devices that support it. All that is required is that you are able to login to the app and use it remotely. Once you are logged into the app you can then long hold the power button on your device and you will be able to "Add Controls" from the Home Assistant app. All domains listed below will be available to get added to the power menu. Tapping on a tile will either turn it on or off. Certain domains will also allow for the user increase or decrease the range by sliding their finger back and forth on the tile.

Currently support is limited to the following domains:

  • automation On/Off
  • button Press
  • climate Temperature slider
  • cover Open/Close
  • fan On/Off, speed slider
  • input_boolean On/Off
  • input_button Press
  • input_number Number control slider
  • light On/Off, Brightness control slider
  • lock Lock/Unlock
  • scene Turn on scene
  • script Turn on script
  • switch On/Off
  • vacuum Start/Dock or On/Off depending on vacuum type

The Android power menu controls were moved in Android 12. If your phone is running Android 12 or newer, the controls can now be accessed from the quick settings by pulling down on the status bar.