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The Wear OS app also offers sensors to consume your wearable data in Home Assistant, please refer to the link to learn more about how sensors update on Android. Not all sensors offered by the phone app will be offered by the Wear OS app. Please see the list below for what sensors are currently supported by the Wear OS app. If a sensor requires permissions you will be prompted to accept, otherwise the sensor will not enable and send data.

It's important to note that sensor updates require the app to post a notification to the device in order to prevent it from being killed by the OS. You can go to into Wear device settings and turn off the SensorWorker Notification channel to stop these notifications from buzzing on your wrist.


Sensor updates are dependent upon the watch having data connectivity and the app being allowed to send an update. Some devices implement stricter battery saving techniques than others so updates may not happen as frequently as you would expect.

There is currently no support for sensor settings. Some sensors may not be fully operational as a result. For example, the BLE Transmitter and Beacon Monitor sensors can only be enabled, none of the settings can be changed as of this moment. These sensors may not be completely functional while we work on adding sensor settings, the default settings will allow for primary functionality.

Sensor List

App DataNoneSensors that show how much data was sent or received by the app.
App ImportanceNoneThe current importance of the app to determine if its in the foreground or cached.
App MemoryNoneInformation about the memory that is available for the app.
App UsageNoneSensors that represent how the app is treated based on its usage.
AudioNoneSeveral different sensors around different types of audio detection from the device.
Battery (enabled by default)NoneSeveral different sensors around the state of the devices battery. Only battery_level, battery_state and charger_type enabled by default.
binary_sensor.bedtime_modeNoneA sensor to reflect the state of Bedtime mode on the device. For best results enable Do Not Disturb or Interactive sensor. Only available on Wear OS 3 devices
Bluetooth SensorsSee AttributesSeveral different sensors about the state of bluetooth on the device. Sensors are also available for beacon transmitting and monitoring.
sensor.current_time_zoneSee AttributesThe current time zone the device is in.
Current VersionNoneThe current installed version of the application.
Do Not DisturbNoneThe state of do not disturb on the device.
DozeNoneWhether or not the device is in doze mode.
Health ServicesSee belowA group of sensors provided by the Health Services API.
sensor.heart_rateAccuracyCurrent heart rate in beats per minute. This sensor makes use of the heart rate sensor.
InteractiveNoneWhether or not the device is in an interactive state.
Keyguard SensorsNoneSensors that represent various states about the device being locked or secured.
sensor.last_rebootSee AttributesThe timestamp of the device's last reboot.
Last UpdateNoneThe state will reflect the intent that caused the last update to get sent.
sensor.light_sensorNoneThe current level of illuminance the device detects.
Mobile Data SensorsNoneSeveral different sensors around the state of mobile data.
binary_sensor.nfc_stateNoneWhether or not the device has its NFC sensor enabled.
sensor.phone_stateNoneThe only tracked states are idle, ringing or offhook, no other information is accessed.
sensor.pressure_sensorNoneThe pressure reading from the device.
sensor.proximity_sensorNoneThe current proximity reading from the device, certain devices will only show boolean value of near or far.
NetworkNoneSeveral different sensors around the state of WiFi.
Next AlarmSee AttributesDate of the next scheduled alarm.
binary_sensor.on_body_sensorNoneA sensor to indicate whether the wearable believes it is on the body or not. This sensor makes use of the low latency off body detection sensor.
Power SaveNoneWhether or not the device is in power saving mode.
sensor.screen_brightnessSee AttributesThe current value of screen brightness.
sensor.screen_off_timeoutNoneThe current value of screen off timeout setting.
sensor.sim_1See AttributesName of your cellular provider.
sensor.sim_2See AttributesName of your cellular provider.
StepsNoneThe number of steps taken from the user since the last device reboot. Requires activity recognition permissions on supported devies.
Storage SensorsSee AttributesThe amount of total and available internal & external storage on your Android device.
binary_sensor.theater_modeNoneA sensor to reflect the state of Theater mode on the device. For best results enable the Interactive sensor.
Traffic Stats SensorNoneAmount of data transmitted and received from mobile and total device usage since last reboot.
binary_sensor.wet_modeNoneA sensor to indicate the state of Wet Mode on the current device. This sensor is also known as Touch Lock or Water Lock on some devices. This is a special mode where the user must press and hold the crown/power button for 2 seconds to re-enable touch.

Health Services

Wear OS 3+ Only

A list of sensors that contain data provided by Googles Health Services API.

The following sensors are available (if your device supports them):

sensor.activity_stateExercise type, TimeA sensor to reflect the current user activity state which can be either: asleep, exercise, passive or unknown.
sensor.daily_caloriesNoneThe total number of calories over a day (including both BMR and active calories), where the previous day ends and a new day begins at 12:00 AM local time.
sensor.daily_distanceNoneThe total distance over a day, where the previous day ends and a new day begins at 12:00 AM local time.
sensor.daily_floorsNoneThe total number floors climbed over a day, where the previous day ends and a new day begins at 12:00 AM local time.
sensor.daily_stepsNoneThe total step count over a day, where the previous day ends and a new day begins at 12:00 AM local time.