Below is a list of common issues and troubleshooting advice to address them. For more support please look at the more help page

App crashes on set up

If you are running Home Assistant 0.110 and the app crashes after clicking "continue" during set up, you need to add values for internal_url and external_url. This can be done through the user interface (Configuration>General). If you do not see this section, you may need to turn on "Advanced Mode" from your profile page first. If these fields are disabled it is likely you have have your configuration stored in configuration.yaml, in this case add the entries under homeassistant: i.e.:

external_url: URL
internal_url: URL

Replacing URL with the address you use to access your Home Assistant instance. The values of internal_url and external_url can be the same and should be the same as you have for url: in the http: of configuration.yaml.

When you have saved these changes, restart Home Assisant and, after Home Assistant has finished restarting, reopen the the app.

I don't see a notify.mobile_app service for my device in my dev-services panel

Once you have set up the Companion app you will need to restart Home Assistant for the notify.mobile_app service call to register. On iOS the notify.mobile_app_<Device_ID> service will be created provided you granted notification permissions during setup, on Android the service call will appear after the restart. If you can't see this, force quit on iOS or force stop on Android. Then relaunch the Companion app and finally restart your Home Assistant instance. The service should now be listed in the Developer Tools > Services panel.

iOS If you don't see the service call on iOS, check the notification settings within the app (swipe right to bring up the sidebar, the tap "App Configuration", then "Notifications"). If the "Push ID" box is empty, tap the Reset button below it.

Android If you still don't see the service call on Android follow the steps to start fresh.

I have a notify.mobile_app_<Device_ID> service but don't receive notifications

Firstly, check your message payload is valid. Look at the examples in the notification docs or try sending the simple example below on the Developer Tools > Services page to your notify.mobile_app_<Device_ID> service.

{"message": "Hello World"}

If this notification is delivered the problem is most likely with your payload.

If the above doesn't work, try the following:

  1. Check your message limits: To allow us to provide a free notification service, each app target is limited to 150 notifications per day. Location updates and other special notifications do not count towards this limit. iOS In iOS you can check your remaining notifications within the Companion app by swiping right to open the sidebar and tapping "App Configuration" then "Notifications" and scroll to the bottom of the page. The limit resets everyday at midnight UTC.

  2. Reset your push ID token: iOS If you have checked you still have notifications remaining, you can reset your notification at the top of the "Notifications" page within the "App Configuration" page. After doing this you may need to force quit the iOS Companion app and then reopen the app and finally restart your Home Assistant instance.

  3. Check your iOS settings: iOS In the iOS Settings application, navigate to Notifications, then select Home Assistant, and ensure that "Allow Notifications" is toggled on.

  4. Start fresh with the Android app: Android If you still can't recieve notifications in the Android app then try to start fresh.

I receive an SSL error and/or I am unable to connect to my Home Assistant Instance when away from Home

This often happens when you have the Home Assistant Cloud enabled but have do not have Remote UI turned on. To address this either enable the Remote UI or swipe right to open the sidebar and the tap "App Configuration" then under "Settings" tap "Connection". Make sure the switch next to "Connect Via Cloud" is off and enter the remote address of your Home Assistant Instance in the "External URL" field. This address must be for an encrypted connection, for instructions on setting up an encrypted remote connection to your Home Assistant instances, please see the Home Assistant docs or this guidde to setting up Let's Encrypt with Duck DNS.

If you do not have Home Assistant Cloud set up at all, the problem is likely that the remote connection is not secured. The Companion App requires an encrypted connection for remote connections. Please see the Home Assistant docs or this guide to setting up Let's Encrypt with Duck DNS for instructions on setting up a secured connection.

Something in Home Assistant doesn't work the same way it does on my desktop

This is probably not an issue with the Companion App but more likely with Home Assistant or the particular component that isn't behaving as expected. To test the cause please try the following steps.

  1. Firstly, swipe down in the iOS Companion app to refresh your view. In the Android app force stop the application and relaunch it.
  2. If the problem still persists, open your Home Assistant instance in the Safari/Chrome browser (you may have to sign in). If the problem is present in Safari/Chrome, please raise an issue on either the Home Assistant Frontend GitHub or if it is with a custom component, with the developer of that component. In your issue report, state that the problem exists when viewing on a mobile browser and not necessarily the Companion App.
  3. If the problem does not occur in Safari, please raise an issue on the iOS Companion App GitHub or the Android Companion App GitHub. Please state you followed these steps and the problem only occurs in the Companion app.

The status bar (top bar with cell/Wi-Fi strength) does not match my theme

If you are using iOS app prior to version 2020.2 or the Android app, to change the color of the status bar to match your Home Assistant theme, please use the frontend.set_theme service instead of the dropdown menu in the Home Assistant profile page. Using the service will generate an event allowing the Companion App to detect the theme change and apply the correct color to the status bar. See the theming documentation for details of which keys are used. Note that colors must be specified as hex values (e.g. #0099ff) in your theme and specifying element colors through variable names is not supported.

I am running the Companion App on multiple devices, the sensor names are too similar and confusing, what can I do?

Starting in Home Assistant Core 0.106, the default sensor names will be registered with your device name as set in the iOS settings app or the Android App Configuration page. For now, you will need to rename each sensor from within the Integrations section of Home Assistant's Configuration page by following these steps.

  1. Open the Home Assistant "Configuration" page from the sidebar (if using the app, swipe right to access this)
  2. Click or tap on "Integrations"
  3. Find the "Mobile App: Device Name" integration corresponding the device you wish to rename the sensors of and open it
  4. For each sensor you wish to rename, click or tap on the sensor name and then the cog symbol.
  5. Under "Entity ID" change the entity id as required. Do not change sensor. or device_tracker. part of the ID
  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for each sensor you wish to rename

Opening or resuming the Companion App generates authentication errors in my Home Assistant notifications

This is normally due to having a camera entity present on a Lovelace picture entities or picture elements card. A workaround for this is to remove the the camera entity in the short term while this is resolved. You may be able to use live stream view to address this. This is a known bug with Home Assistant which you can track and help address here.

I recieve a kCLError when pulling down to manually refresh the app/update Location

To fix this change the location permission for the Home Assistant App to "Always" in iOS Settings>Privacy>Location Services.

Starting fresh with the Android app

At times you may need to start fresh with the Android app as a new feature may not be working properly or something odd happens.

  1. Check that Home Assistant Core and the Android app are up to date.
  2. Clear Storage or App data in Android app.
  3. In Home Assistant navigate to Configuration > Integration. Remove the mobile app entry for the device in question. If you see more than 1 remove them all.
  4. Restart Home Assistant.
  5. Log back into Android app. If you have more than 1 device make sure to rename the device under App Configuration.

Location is not updating in Android app

If you find that location updates are not coming in here are a few things to check.

  1. Ensure the app has location permissions granted, all the time.
  2. Turn off battery optimizations for the app.
  3. Ensure that both of the Location toggles are enabled in App Configuration > Manage Sensors in the Android app.
  4. Turn on unrestricted data for the Android app.

Using a self-signed certificate leads to a blank page in Android

If you are using a self-signed certificate on Android then you may get stuck at a blank screen after entering and/or selecting your Home Assistant instance. In order to correct this issue you will need to make sure the URL is valid and that you import the certificate into Android's Trusted Certificates. Steps to perform this can be found here. These steps were written for devices on Android 9+ but are very close for older supported devices.

Android widget is not working

If you find that a widget is no longer working then these steps may help you resolve the issue.

  1. Check that data saver is disabled on the device, the widget will not work when it is enabled.
  2. Check that background data for the Home Assistant app is enabled.
  3. Remove and recreate the widget.

Notify service call is too similar or not showing up in Android

If you have more than 1 device of the same model and you did not rename your device in App Configuration after logging in then you may have a conflict.

  1. Navigate to App Configuration in the sidebar.
  2. Change the Device Name under Device Registration.
  3. Restart Home Assistant to register the new notify service call. (i.e. notify.mobile_app_<device_name>)

Sensors are missing or not updating

Sensors are tied to location updates so you will need to make sure that location is enabled for the device and app in order for sensor updates to be sent to the phone. Once you enable location for the app the sensors will show up and continue to update as long as location is enabled on the device and app.