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Android Flavors

The Android Android app is being offered in 2 different flavors as either full or minimal. The full flavor of the app is offered via the Play Store and has the full set of features offered as it requires Google Play Services. The full flavor is offered for both production and beta releases.

The minimal flavor of the app does not require Google Play Services and can be found on the releases section on GitHub as an APK. It can also be installed from F-Droid. However, updates may be delayed because F-Droid builds new releases themselves. This flavor of the app does not offer location tracking nor does it have notifications. The only sensors that will not be available are: Activity and Geocoded.

In addition to these 2 flavors users can also find debug APKs on the actions section for each pull request submitted to GitHub. The debug version of the app can be installed side by side the production or beta version of the app. This allows users to help test upcoming features and fixes. Both the minimal and full flavors offer a debug version.