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Android WebView



The Android Android app has the ability to intercept certain types of links to allow the user to directly launch another app found on the device (or take the user to install the app if not found). Users can also use the Intent Scheme to perform any action that is supported by the app.

Examples using Lovelace entity card weblink:

This example will launch Twitter if it is installed on the device, otherwise it will open the Google Play store app or website.

- type: weblink
name: Twitter
url: "app://"

This example will launch the barcode scanning app ready to scan via the Intent scheme, if the app is not installed the user will be directed to installing it.

- type: weblink
name: Scan
url: "intent://scan/#Intent;scheme=zxing;;end"

Swipe Gestures#

The Android Android app has the ability to launch the quick bar by detecting a 3 finger swipe down gesture. Initially the entity view will be shown to users and additional gestures will flip between the 2 quick bar views. The quick bar can be closed by simply pressing the back button. The quick bar can only be launched when inside the webview after you have logged in.