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Universal Links, NFC & QR Tags

Support for these features is active under development and may not be fully released yet.

FeatureiOSAndroid Android
NFC Tags2020.52.2.0
QR Tags2020.52.2.0
Old-Style2019.1Not Supported

NFC Tags & QR Codes#

Home Assistant supports scanning tags as a trigger for your automations. Scanned tags are collected on the tag panel in the configuration screen. This allows you to easily manage your used tags and give them friendly names.

A Home Assistant NFC tag or QR code contains a URL that will trigger the tag scanned event to be fired in Home Assistant. The format is a URL<tag id> so that Android/iOS know to route this to our app. The app will extract the tag identifier and send it directly to your instance.

  • iOSbringing your device near an NFC tag or scanning a QR code will show a notification which, when tapped, will launch the app and fire an event.
  • Android On Android, bringing your device near a Home Assistant NFC tag or scanning a QR code will fire an event.

The event which fires is the same on both iOS and Android: tag_scanned. Example Automation:

# for
- alias: Unlock the Door
platform: event
event_type: tag_scanned
tag_id: 50A3C7C8-1FE7-4BE8-8DC9-06E07D41B63D
# ...

Both apps support reading and writing NFC tags. You can use a randomly-generated tag value (like the above) or a custom one.


Some NFC tags are read-only and cannot be used as a Home Assistant NFC tag. Others may only allow one write before they turn read-only.

Writing NFC tags#

You can write NFC tags by opening the app -> App Configuration -> NFC Cards -> Write.

Old-Style Universal Links#

Universal links are a alternative to the URL Handler and X-Callback-URL.

The app has registered all URLs under as valid Universal Links. However, at this time, there is only one Universal Link that the app understands:<a URL you could use with the existing URL handler>

What this allows for is NFC support. You can write a NFC tag with a NDEF URL like the above and whenever your device sees that NFC tag, a notification will appear for you to open the app with.

Once you open the app, it will do whatever action you told it to in the URL.