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URL Handler

Home Assistant supports opening from other apps via URL.

Query parameters are passed as a dictionary in the call.


If multiple servers are connected to an app, you will be prompted to select a server when handling a navigate link. call_service and fire_event links will be handled using the first server in the list.

This allows you to update the frontend page location via a deeplink.

For example: if you had a dashboard at /lovelace/webcams you can use homeassistant://navigate/lovelace/webcams to launch the app there.

Call service

Example: homeassistant://call_service/device_tracker.see?entity_id=device_tracker.entity

Fire event

You can create an event trigger and fire the event.

Example: homeassistant://fire_event/custom_event?entity_id=MY_CUSTOM_EVENT

Send one shot location

Example: homeassistant://send_location/